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Choice Cash Loans Privacy Policy

At, your privacy means everything. We do not collect any email or domain information on people who stop into the site or poke around, so the only way for your email address to be obtained by us is for you to submit it with your application for a payday loan or instant cash advance. Once we have your email on file, you have control over what we actually use it for, with the exception of government investigation purposes wherein we are obligated to disclose this information.

Your email address will be respected and will not be passed around for spam or other mass emailing scams. We do, on occasion, support sister companies and other fine and reputable businesses that we think may interest you, and in these cases we will share your email address. If you wish to have this stopped, you can feel free to contact us by telephone at any time to have your email address removed from our selective sharing list. This will only take a moment of your time. offers many secure technologies for the protection of your vital information, and you will never need to worry about hackers or information sharing where your personal and financial details are concerned. The security of our site is top notch, and your application will only be handled briefly by a trusted professional upon the processing of your loan. When you apply through us, your information will be processed discretely, quickly, and with no hassles. From here, you will receive confirmation and a decision regarding your payday loan immediately. is the only source that you will ever need for all of your instant cash advance endeavors online. With the legwork, the guesswork, and the risk taken out of the entire process, all you will have left to do is collect your money and get on with your busy life. This site is set up for ease of use and for complete discretion, compiling over 60 quality lenders who will be matched instantly to the criteria that you enter in your application. It’stime to have fun getting a loan!